how to build strong client relationships

For Agencies. Half-day

This workshop is aimed at client-facing staff in any type of communication-orientated agency.


A key focus of the workshop involves understanding what ‘trust’ means and how to build it, as well as developing the antennae you need to assess every aspect of the relationship. 


It also covers knowing your client’s business and the environment they operate in, and how to improve the quality of communication.


Delegates come away with a working plan on how they can improve their current client relationships.


For Clients. Half-day

Developed to help clients improve the quality of their relationship with advertising agencies; to increase productivity, ensure their fees are spent wisely and ultimately produce more effective campaigns.


The course deals with two broad areas.  Firstly, it covers the benefits of true partnership and what makes a strong one.  And secondly it offers practical advice on how to work with an agency throughout all the key stages of campaign development, including briefing, responding in creative presentations, working through the production process and how to resolve issues and run an appraisal.


It’s aimed at clients at all levels responsible for managing advertising agencies and developing campaigns.  This could include experienced clients who may have found working with an agency frustrating, as well as those who previously had little experience of working with an agency.

I've run the workshop with sixty clients at GSK, the EMEA Communications team at Adobe and (via ISBA) with marketing and procurement staff at L'Oréal, BT and Barclays.

how to run a pitch to ensure you select the right agency

For Clients. Half-day

A recent survey found that 63% of clients were disappointed with their choice of agency, once they’d started working with them, three months after the pitch.


This course offers a former agency insider's view on how to apply rigour and careful consideration at every stage of the pitch process as well as opening clients’ eyes to the many different ways to run pitches.

It's aimed at staff at any level in Marketing or Procurement involved in managing pitches to select an agency.