Training workshops
managing pressure and stress
building resilience

Highly practical and geared to the pressures experienced in any fast-paced
business environment.

Rooted in the science of how the body and brain respond to pressure and evidence-based.
(Not touchy-feely or 'woo').
Workshop contents

reframing your thinking

How you can step back, strip out the emotion, re-assess and handle pressurised challenges, to build resilience. 

Workshop contents

keeping your focus

How you can change the way you work to limit distractions and keep your focus to alleviate stress.

Workshop contents


The science behind mindfulness and breathing techniques and how they affect the stress reaction in the brain and body. A review of the apps and other tools available.

Workshop contents


How other aspects of your lifestyle impact the way the body responds to pressure.



"Everyone on the team found the workshop
incredibly helpful.  They're all talking about the
things they'll do differently."

Director of Communications, EMEA, Adobe



I spent over 25 (stress-filled) years building and managing teams, advising clients in a variety of industries on their marketing and communications.

Ogilvy - Board Director (12 years)

FCB San Francisco - Senior Vice President (4 years)

D'Arcy - Board Director (1 year)

VCCP - Partner (6 years)

VCCP Health - Founder and Managing Director (8 years)

It was in my last role at VCCP Health, the healthcare communications agency, where I first got interested in mental health.  I now offer consultancy and training in a number of areas and serve as a non-executive director.
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